Online Paralegal Degree


Online Paralegal Degree

The market is ripe for someone with an online paralegal degree.
As more and more people become aware of the legal remedies they have, the number of consumers of legal services are also increasing. This has in turn created a need for professionals whose sole responsibility is to assist the lawyer in many of his tasks. The professional in question is of course the paralegal, otherwise known as a legal assistant.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for paralegals and legal assistants will continue to rise by 33%. But with so many people applying for paralegal positions in business corporations, law offices, and governmental departments, employers have sought to raise the bar in hiring so that many employers now require formal education in paralegal studies among their job applicants.

Why Online Paralegal Degree?

An online paralegal degree offers you an excellent opportunity to learn legal concepts which you may encounter once you are at the legal workplace. Also, an online paralegal degree will offer practical hands-on skills that paralegals are expected to have, including drafting pleadings, preparing contracts, writing wills, and other legal documents.

How to Choose an Online Paralegal Degree Program

Because there are many different kinds of online paralegal degree programs offered, it may be difficult to choose the one program that is right for you. First, consider the common types of online paralegal degrees offered by most colleges, universities, and institutes:

* Associate – An associate online paralegal degree is mostly offered as a two-year course in most community colleges and as a four-year course in some colleges and universities. Each semester may require a student to complete 60 to 70 units, after which he or she will earn an associate degree. The courses are typically divided between general education and paralegal studies.

* Baccalaureate – Many four-year colleges and universities offer online paralegal degree programs with paralegal studies major, minor, or concentration within a major. The programs are usually about 120 to 130 semester units with 30 to 60 semester units in paralegal and related courses including.

* Certificate – There are various kinds of educational institutions that offer certificate online paralegal degrees. Shorter than an associate degree or a baccalaureate, certificate online paralegal degree programs often range from 18 to 60 semester units. They are usually designed for students who have already completed an associate or baccalaureate online paralegal degree.

* Master’s – This is an advanced degree in paralegal studies. Not many universities or colleges offer master’s online paralegal degrees, but there are, however, many colleges and universities that offer paralegal courses as undergraduate studies that offer master’s programs for the same. Other universities offer advanced degree programs in other areas instead, such as legal administration and legal studies.

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